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attending the united nations gathering in new york this week. the iranian president arrived in new york today and is expected to address the general assembly on thursday. >> this administration tried and failed to do -- >> while campaigning, bachmann toured a meat packing company. >>> hundreds of job seekers attended a job fair. it was held at the south san francisco. one organizer we spoke to said there was something there for everyone. >> we have technical jobs here today. we have engineering jobs, we have information technology and sciences and researcher jobs. administrative, hr, finance, we have a whole gammot. >>> experts were also on-site helping people fine tune their resumes. >>> it's happening, one bay area city is getting a new baseball team. which one and when. >>> plus a little girl has a way to move around once again after her walker was stolen. what inspired some to replace the loss. >>> first there was new coke, then cherry coke, then lime coke. now coca cola is trying something else. but this time it has to do with the can. to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ now there
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1